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iPhone Monitoring by WebWatcher lets you see Texts, Photos, Calls, device ( Android, iPhone, PC, Mac or Chromebook) to monitor discretely from your secure .

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Instant Track Mobile Number Of South Africa

On twitter. Twitter icon. On linkedin. Vodacom's Vodacom Look 4 me promises Peace of Mind Sunday, 29 February Vodacom today launched Africa's first location-based service using cellular networks, enabling Vodacom contract subscribers to locate any Vodacom cell phone user, provided the user consents to being located. The customer then navigates a menu with options such as "Register", "Find cell user" and "Who can find me?

Services like Vodacom Look 4 me help put our minds at ease so we can enjoy the many positive aspects of living here" said Mr Tyamzashe.

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The UK version of Vodacom Look 4 me, known as Mapamobile, has been operational since July and has enjoyed significant success within the UK market. The primary concern regarding location-based services is that cell phone users should never be subjected to any invasion of privacy. Vodacom Look 4 me ensures that you can never be located without first providing your explicit consent by granting location rights i. After granting location rights, you can at any time view or cancel the cell numbers that may locate you.

See "Notes to Editors" for additional security information.

The accuracy of the location information is dependent upon the density of the cellular network for the area in question. For example, the accuracy of a location search in the middle of Sandton could be 70 metres, whereas the accuracy for a location search on the N1 outside Colesburg could be 5km.

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This margin of error is a further safety aspect of Vodacom Look 4 me. These safety mechanisms ensure that Vodacom Look 4 me complies with all applicable South African legislation and the constitutional right to privacy.

If your cell phone was stolen could your track it? - CVWA

Customers are charged 20 cents every 20 seconds promotional tariff until 31 July whilst interacting with the Vodacom Look 4 me menu on their cell phones. No new orders can be accepted on weekends or after 4pm on weekdays. After Hours SOS tracking is not an emergency response service and as tracking availability can not be assured at all times, this service should only be used as a last resort when all else has failed.

If you need to determine where a person is most likely residing or working then this type of tracking is ideal. It can be scheduled for any time of day or night. Tracking is performed twice, on two separate occasions - anything from 30 minutes to 1 week apart. This is done to verify that the address obtained on the first occasion is correct.

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This service is intended to support interdiction or the apprehension of a moving target or a person that is currently stationary but who might change location before interception is likely. The price includes 10 locations tracked in one hour - roughly mins apart. Pricing for larger volume enquiries or more frequent tracking is available on request.

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If a loved one has run away, has not arrived somewhere they are expected to be, has disappeared or been abducted, or is otherwise in trouble or danger at an unknown location with their cell phone turned on and in their possession then this service may be the answer. Please first contact the police and emergency services before contacting us.

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In most cases it is possible to obtain information about a phone's last reporting location to within the radius of a few hundred metres at best if the phone is not turned on or has not been reachable for up to 72 hours. This is useful when needing to know approximately where a person was last known to be located and it makes search and rescue operations easier by narrowing down the search grid.

This type of tracking is network-based which means it utilizes the service provider's GSM network infrastructure and some very smart software, complex alorithms and the laws of physics to estimate or localize the phone's current position relative to the cell phone towers in it's vicinity. It does not use the Global Positioning System of GPS navigation satellites to calculate the cell phone's current location and therefore does not require access to the device being tracked. The downside of this, of course, is that it cannot deliver the degree of accuracy that GPS navigation devices do.

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For technical buffs, the way it works is through a process known as multilateration. Basically, it involves measuring the difference in distance to two or more cell towers at known locations that broadcast signals at known times. Feel free to search our Document Library under Resources in the main menu at the top of the page for white papers, technical publications, patent documents and other reference material related to tracking technologies and techniques.

The accuracy of cell phone tracking is largely dependent on the population density of cell phone towers base transceiver stations within the handset's broadcasting and reception range. In a metropolitan city there would be a far greater concentration of base transceiver stations than in a desolate area of the same size. As a result, the accuracy of positions in rural areas will be less precise than those in urban areas.

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If you are looking for a more accurate cell phone tracking solution that uses GPS technology to track smartphones then you would need to consider a software-based solution such as CellTrack which costs R Yes, they can. In the case of a genuine emergency situation as defined by the RICA Act and as detailed below a police officer is entitled to request the location of a cell phone - even telephonically if time does not permit the proper procedure from being followed.

Bear in mind that not all police officers will have the required knowledge or training to arrange cell phone tracking, but as long as you remain respectful and calm, you should be able to have your enquiry passed onto another officer who can assist, or up the chain of command. If you feel you need to escalate your matter above station level then consult our Trusted Partner Directory under Resources in the main menu for police executive management contact details.

You should contact the police immediately. Please do not call us first as we are not emergency service providers. If the police are unwilling or unable to assist you then by all means contact us. The law entitles the tracking of a person's cell phone if there are reasonable grounds to believe that:.