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If anything, it will only make things worse.

Pro tip: Find some sort of activity to occupy your mind when you feel tempted to engage in unhealthy coping mechanisms. Write in a journal, go for a walk, or call a friend.

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What to do when you catch your partner cheating

Create a strategy ahead of time so that you will know what to do when the urge strikes you. Everyone will grieve and heal from infidelity at their own pace. Some will be able to move past this relatively quickly while it might be more difficult for others. It will also depend on the severity of the situation. If, for example, a pregnancy has resulted from your partner's cheating, that adds another layer of trauma for everyone involved. Therefore, it might take more time to recover from this type of situation than if you found out your partner was flirting with a coworker.

Pro tip: Be patient with yourself during this healing process and do not allow your partner or anyone else to pressure you to "get over it. After some time has passed, if you discover that you are struggling to cope with your partner's cheating, you may want to consider professional counseling.

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Sometimes, it just helps to talk to someone who is removed from the situation and can be unbiased and objective. You can also choose to bring your partner to your sessions, if you think it will help. This is especially important if you are feeling depressed and having suicidal thoughts.

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There's no shame in admitting to feeling this way and reaching out for help. Most people will experience dark times at some point in their life. Pro tip: Do not ignore lingering feelings of anger, anxiety, or sadness.

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If you don't want or can't afford counseling, consider a self-help support group offered locally or online. It might be hard to imagine forgiving your partner, especially in those early days, but you may want to consider it eventually — even if you do not plan to stay together. It might really help you let go of the pain of this situation so that you can fully move on.

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So often, people assume that forgiving someone is the same as condoning bad behavior. That is simply not true. Forgiving someone is about releasing the negative feelings you hold about the ways they have hurt you so that you can set yourself free. You don't even have to talk to them to forgive them! Pro tip: Write down all of the ways that you feel wronged by your partner's infidelity. Add to it as needed. Then, when you are ready, take a few moments to honor your journey and then burn the paper.

Many people feel so good when they see the words describing their pain go up in flames. When you are ready, you will need to make a decision about the future of your relationship with your partner. Many couples try to work it out after cheating has occurred and some will be successful. Some might try and fail at reconciliation. Others will choose to walk away from the relationship. You will discover that, no matter what path you choose, the people around you who know about the situation will have an opinion. You can hear what they have to say if you choose to but, ultimately, only you can decide what is right for you.

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  • Pro tip: If you are feeling conflicted, come up with a pros and cons list for the different scenarios you are considering. Having everything written down can bring clarity since your feelings may feel all jumbled up inside. No matter what, surviving infidelity will change you as a person. You will want to take some time to see how you have been affected so that you can emerge strong and healthy. Incredibly, there are people who gain valuable insight from a cheating partner and a broken relationship.

    Challenge yourself to honestly and critically evaluate what happened and then work on yourself. So many people blame themselves for their partner's actions and discover that they have insecurities that they never realized. This is an opportunity to give yourself the attention you deserve. Pro tip: What have you wanted to do for yourself but keep putting off? Do you want to go back to school?

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    • Run a marathon? Start a business? Make yourself the priority now! While it would be easy to get caught up in all of the negativity, your energy is best saved for focusing on the future. Instead of trying to understand how things ended up the way they are, think of all the ways in which your life can be better moving forward. Allow yourself time to grieve and then channel your anger, frustration, and pain into something positive. Use those powerful emotions as fuel and set clear boundaries and expectations in your relationships. Above all, never settle for less than you deserve.

      Have the courage to move on when someone takes you for granted. Remember that you are beautiful, strong, and worthy of love, honesty and respect! When she installed a mobile monitoring app on his phone she finally found out for sure. Hector Mendoza thought his marriage was rock solid until he noticed his wife Ivette receiving and answering lots of texts throughout the day … and long into the night. His suspicions led him to install a mobile surveillance program that helped him spy on texts. What he discovered with that text spy app was that Ivette was not only cheating on him, but that she was doing it with his twin brother!

      Maybe you yourself have been cheated on before. Or maybe you were the cheater. Spying on a cell phone is one thing. Doing it undetected is another. You can just be you. How can you do that? By spying. You can just install a test message spy app on their phone. Most people think that you need to have the targeted cell phone in hand in order to spy on it. And it does it all without you ever having to touch that phone. That app is called Auto Forward—and it was not only used by Aisha, Christina, and Hector, but by thousands more around the world. Additionally, you can install the Auto Forward program from practically anywhere and the owner of that phone will never even know.

      Plus, you can spy on an iPhone without jailbreaking it! Parents use Highster Mobile to watch over their kids. While a good deal of people from all walks of life are using iPhone spy software to catch cheating lovers, the technology is also being used for other reasons as well. Two of the most common ones are watching over children and monitoring employees. Parents use mobile surveillance technology to check on the safety of their kids in both the digital and real world.

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      They can see what their kids are browsing, who they are interacting with, and what they are sharing online. Spying on people certainly has a negative connotation, but the fact is that people need to look out for themselves.

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      After all, nobody wants to be cheated on—just ask Aisha, Christina, and Jamal. Discovering the truth about a significant other can save an individual from a lot of pain or money or both. Cell phone spy software enthusiast and researcher.