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They did the risk benefit analysis and screwing around won out over your feelings every time. Response "Your intentions are irrelevant. You knew full well that cheating on me would hurt me, which is why you kept it a secret. You didn't intend to hurt me? Well, you didn't intentionally try to keep me from harm either. I love you but I'm not in love with you.

Signs of a Cheating Husband

A classic. Translated it means -- "I did unloving things, but telling you 'I love you' makes me feel better about them. It has nothing to do with you. This is about maintaining the cheater's self image. And it softens the blow -- hey, you wouldn't impose consequences on someone who loves you, would you?

They think they're letting you down gently. Cheater love is a compartmentalized kind of love -- "I love you, but I put that aside while I was screwing someone else.

Stop making excuses for spouses who cheat

Why should "love" get in the way of a good time? We naively assume that people who love us act like they love us.

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  3. Stop making excuses for spouses who cheat!
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  7. Giving Your Cheating Spouse a Second Chance.

Cheaters subvert that assumption and turn it back on you. I need sparkles. Alas, if you had only twinkled brighter, perhaps it would not have come to this.

6 Worst Excuses for Cheating Heard on DIVORCE COURT

What can you do to make it up to them? They may be dumping you anyway for the affair partner, but some parting ego strokes would be nice. It's pure cake speak. They aren't saying, "Hey, I love someone else. It's over. I'm sorry. Just not in that way. It's a deliberate confusion, this whole torn between two lovers schtick. It keeps the cheater in cake and makes their desires central.

The cheater can feel very noble about their love for you in the face of your inadequacies. They'd like credit for that higher sentiment -- but they're unburdened by their commitments because King's X!

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  • So, which came first? The falling out of love, or the permission they gave themselves to cast about? We all know grown-up love means not feeling "in love" all the livelong day. There are no butterflies when you're doing taxes, or visiting the in-laws, or cleaning up after a kid's stomach flu. Response Don't try to parse with your cheater which parts of you they love or what their butterflies are saying to them today -- state what you need.

    You don't love me the way I deserve to be loved. Don't dance the pick me dance. Just let them go. I'm sure their butterflies will be migrating again soon. We could have an open marriage. Monogamy isn't natural. It's one thing to begin with an open marriage. It's quite another to have it thrust upon you after the discovery of an affair. This "offer" is not sexual sophistication, it's an implied threat -- let me have my cake, or we're through. The cheater lays the blame with monogamy -- that impossible condition that, oh hey, we all agreed to.

    The problem isn't monogamy. The problem is that the cheater unilaterally changed the terms of the marriage agreement. You are presented with a choice now, which at least is out in the open. Making an effort to reignite the romance is essential for some couples. Being unhappy in the relationship makes both partners vulnerable to infidelity. These individuals believe an affair will make their lives more exciting, and may even think that an affair will help the marriage. For some, the answer to boredom is keeping their sex life steamy or reconnecting in other ways.

    For others, it may mean finding hobbies, activities or friends that breathe an air of excitement into life. Still others may find that underneath the boredom is loneliness, anger or fear that must be addressed to keep them from straying. They want the doting spouse at home and the naughty sex toy on the side.

    • 3 Common Excuses for Cheating (and Why They're Bogus) | Psychology Today?
    • 1. “I’m unhappy…why should I stay unhappy?”.
    • Calaméo - Common Excuses Given By Cheaters.
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    • I have a stronger sex drive than my partner. This is an obstacle in many relationships, given that men frequently have a stronger sex drive than women. As with other problems, there are healthier ways to resolve this issue than cheating, such as identifying the reasons a partner is uninterested e. Technology makes it so easy. In the old days, cheating required late-night phone calls and creative excuses to be away from home.

      The Internet, smart phone apps, cell phones and adultery websites like Ashley Madison make flirting and cybersex as easy as the click of a mouse. Most people engage in these behaviors with the expectation of ultimately meeting in person, but even those who keep their sexcapades online have breached their relationship contract and committed an act of infidelity. The list of excuses goes on and on. Many people spend as much time with people from work as they do with their spouses, and when they develop emotional bonds over shared struggles, boundaries can become blurred quickly.

      Rogers was referring to, but many extramarital temptations hide in plain sight, namely across the street or next door.

      Their Colleague

      Research shows that married people frequently cheat with their neighbors, mostly because infidelity is often motivated by opportunity, and neighbors are right there. Interestingly, data indicates that women cheat with neighbors more than men do, because men are more afraid of getting caught doing it so close to home. However, a majority of men reported that they would not be suspicious of their neighbors having sex with their spouses.

      ... and why every couple needs to draw the line on what counts as infidelity.

      This might help to explain why women do it — because they can. Find another person to leave a spare set of house keys with. Exercise is a great way to maintain physical and mental health, but it may also unfortunately be a great way to find someone to cheat with. Not only is going to the gym one of the most popular excuses to meet up with a fling, nearly three-quarters of Ashley Madison users admitted to working out to keep someone other than their spouses satisfied.

      On top of that, people tend to get turned on by watching each other exercise, which could elevate this risk. Better yet, research shows that couples who workout together stay together. While spouses are more likely to cheat with someone they already know, social media platforms, dating apps, and other websites have made it much easier to cheat with strangers.